M&M Garages

M&M Garages maintain, service and repair all types of vehicles from minis to HGVs. We MOT cars, vans up to 3500kg, camper vans, motor homes, including tandem axle motor homes, mini buses, motor cycles and scooters.

We also carry out maintenance on vehicles over 3500kgs including:- 6 and 12 week inspections, remedial works, pre annual test inspection, preparation and presentation to a Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) test station or an Authorised Test Facility (ATF) for the vehicles annual test (MOT).

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Vehicle over 3500kgs?


All types of vehicles accommodated

M&M Garages offer a variety of services for vehicles including

Vehicle repair-MaintenanceServicingMOTs-Air-Con regas & servicing. All types of vehicles can be accommodated from it’s state of the art premises-look below


We have 3 MOT Automated Test Lanes (ATLs).
One of which is pit based, allowing the MOT of extra
long  or wide vehicles – tandem axle motor
homes for example.


A dedicated MOT bay for motorcycles and scooters is installed. Here are some that have passed through our workshops


Jargon free explanation of any fault found/works required


We understand how tricky it can be finding a garage and mechanic you
can trust, and as such, we are dedicated to your peace of mind, with
unbeatable quality workmanship at a competitive price. 
Whilst servicing or repairing your vehicle we only use quality parts and oils e.g. Mobil oils. We also use manufactures service schedules and diagnostic equipment.


What is an MOT?

  An MOT (ministry of transport test/inspection) is primarily a road safety measure designed to ensure as far as possible that all cars, motorcycles and light goods vehicles more than 3 years old are:

  • Properly maintained and at least once a year are examined at an authorised MOT test station to make sure that they comply with certain important requirements of the law


Why do you need an MOT?

It is illegal to drive a vehicle that requires a test on public roads without a current MOT, except when driving to or from a pre-booked MOT Test. So why risk it?


How can we help with your MOT?

Our friendly staff can arrange scheduled bookings for you to present your vehicle for test. You are then offered to wait whilst the test is carried out, or you are able to arrange a collection time to suit.

Should your vehicle fail the test, we will offer you a free of charge retest providing the vehicle is presented to us within 10 working days.

We are able to offer class 1; 2; 4; 5 and 7 MOTs to owners of vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes including minibuses


It is important to remember that the test certificate relates only to the condition of the testable items at the time of the test and should not be regarded as evidence of their condition at any other time; nor should it be accepted as evidence of the general mechanical condition of the vehicle.


A variety of vehicles pass through our workshops

MOTing and maintaining a wide variety of vehicles. Here are some having their first MOT


Classic vehicles through M&M Garages

Vehicle Maintenance

Whether your vehicle requires a service, general maintenance or major repair we can carry it out. From a light bulb replacement to an engine or gearbox rebuild, diagnostics using manufacturers’ equipment to tyre replacement, wheel balancing and wheel alignment we have the knowledge and facilities to accommodate most types of work. Here are some of the Classic vehicles we have seen


And here is one of the best restored and detailed vehicles we have ever seen-Nick Ellis’s 1968 Riley Elf


Vehicles over 3500kgs

Do you have a vehicle over 3500kgs? Does it require regular maintenance or 6; 8 or 12 week inspections? We can help. Inspection defect sheets completed, defects listed and rectified. Want an Annual Test (MOT) pre-inspection, preparation and presentation to a DVSA test Station or ATF for annual test(MOT)Then we can help. Our workshops are fully equipped to carry out these tasks and our staff have many years experience of maintaining Heavy Goods Vehicles